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I first saw Sam Nash (A Play on Swords) at a Fort Worth Library performer’s showcase. He provided an excerpt from Pirates: History vs. Hollywood. I was impressed with his delivery since he was able to keep an adult like me entertained along with children in the audience.
I invited A Play on Swords to come in February to perform Understanding Shakespeare for an audience of teens and adults. The performance was lively and hilarious. I loved the interaction with the audience and witty repartee. Plus, what geek librarian wouldn’t love a program focused on Shakespeare with book recommendations and audience participation? It was a perfectly structured program!
I have invited Sam back for next year to perform the Duelists for an all-ages audience. I had the fortune to see his troupe perform the Duelists for a group of teens after hours during summer reading. He engaged the teens and left me fascinated with his tales of dueling practices throughout history. Plus, we got to see a series of historical duels played out live before our eyes. Awesome!
The thing that’s great about Sam Nash as a library performer is his ability to engage the audience on many levels and educate everyone in attendance. The subject matter is also somewhat unique. Many library performers focus on science, magic, or storytelling, but Sam and his gang are the only ones I know of that focus on history and theatre, making them an excellent choice for a range of programs. I always learn so much when I see A Play on Swords, and I know the audience does as well.

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Watauga Public Library


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