Library Summer Reading Programs – An oasis in a world of media bombardment


Yes, it’s true that social media and e-communication connects us to a world of “friends” and strangers, and gives us the opportunity to “share” our thoughts, selfies and current accomplishments. However the frequent attention we give to our devices tends to isolate us from those within our physical reach.

That’s why library shows can be such a special and enriching experience. Adults who love reading are bringing their children to the library, to share their love of reading and to participate together in the many programs that are presented throughout the year.

These programs are carefully selected by their librarians to entertain, enlighten and delight. Parents and children are sitting and experiencing the show together! And they can talk about their shared experience afterwards. This is a powerful thing in a child’s life, and the Pipdillys do not take the honor of performing for families lightly. We work very long and hard on our shows to make them rich with content that might truly benefit families. We hope to inspire while we entertain – in a live and lively situation. This is our mission.

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