The 9 Things You Should Do to Make Your Library Summer Programs a Big Success!

Reserve a parking spot for your performer

Summer is almost here and Texas libraries are gearing up for their summer performance series. Here are 9 top tips to help make your programs a big success!

1 – Confirm the show
Most performers will call or email a few days before to reconfirm the show. If you haven’t heard from your performer for a while, send an email or call to make sure they will be at your library on the correct date.

2 – Use social media
Use your library FaceBook page to announce each upcoming program. Link to the performer’s website. Put up flyers around the library and ask staff to mention the next program to anyone they see at the library with kids.

3 – Reserve a parking spot
Performers carry in a lot of stuff and Texas summers are hot! Your performers will love you if you put out a cone to reserve a parking spot near the library entrance.

4 – Use your volunteers
It is always useful to have extra help on the day of performance. Performers appreciate the offer to help carry things. Your volunteers can help with crowd control.

5 – Introduce the Performer
Introduce your performer and remind the audience of how to behave appropriately. This message should be directed at both kids AND adults! Check with your performer to see if s/he has any special requirements before starting the show.

6 – No video
Most performers prefer that people do not take video during the show. At a live performance, the audience will enjoy it far more if they watch the show live rather than through the tiny screen of their phone. It is also very distracting for the people around them. I personally don’t mind people taking a few photos (and I always invite all the kids up at the end to have their photo taken with me), but I don’t want someone pointing a phone at me all through the show.

7 – Be available to help with interruptions
Most experienced performers can handle interruptions during the show. But it is important to have library staff on hand to assist if needed. Over the years, I have had children pee, poop, throw up, faint, and have nosebleeds during my shows. But the show must go on!

8 – Packing up
At the end of the show, have a plan for all the children and their adults to leave the performing area. The performers need some alone time to break down their equipment and pack up.

9 – Margarita
Arrange to have a large pitcher of margaritas that you and the performer can enjoy after everyone has gone. Okay, I’m joking, but not really…

Do you have any other tips to share? Use the comments below…

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