Everything You Need to Know About
Birthday Party Zoom Shows

The Easy Way to Have Fun and Make Tons of Money!


Dear friends,

Are you stressed, anxious and fed-up, because you are a performer and nobody is booking any shows?

You are WRONG! People are booking shows. Lots of them!

While you are trying to figure out the new normal and struggling to give away free shows on FaceBook, there are a small number of us who have been quietly doing tons of paid shows.

And I am going to show YOU how to do it!

I am jolly excited to announce my upcoming webinar!

During the course of this top secret, invitation-only event, you’ll learn:

  • why kids birthday parties are the most popular type of booking and the easiest to book! 
  • how to market your Zoom shows, the booking process and how much you should be charging.
  • how to do a fantastic Zoom show with basic equipment – no fancy cameras, microphones or green screen.
    (In fact, I’ll explain why keeping it simple is the KEY to a great Zoom show.)

The Webinar will be super fun, motivational, and jam-packed with practical information. 

So join the waitlist right now!

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